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v     April, 1933: Wu-Du Primary School Cidu campus founded.  

v     April, 1927: Under local leaders Chen, Xin-Fu(陳新婦)、Liu, Shuang-Quan(劉雙全)、Chen, Bei-Chen(陳北辰)、Zhou Cai, Wen-Liu(周蔡溫劉)petitioned, a formal Cidu Primary School was established at the campus.  The first principle of this school was Japanese - Tian Zhong, Liu-Lang(田中六郎).

v     October, 1935: Taiwan Island was finally liberated from Japan occupying; and the schools renamed to Cidu Primary School of Cidu Township at Keelung District in Taipei County.   At last, Taiwanese Mr. Yu, Huo-Shui(余火水)took the school principle position shortly after the liberation.

v     April, 1936: appointed Mr. YU, San-Cai余三財as the 2nd principle of the school.

v     January, 1937: School name changed again as Cidu Primary School of Keelung City.

v     October, 1951: appointed Mr. LAN, Jin-Zhong藍金中as the 3rd principle of the school.

v     October, 1953: appointed Mr. SU, Chun-Chang蘇春長as the 4th principle of the school.

v     August, 1955: Keelung City Government designated this school as national model school of social center and an experimental school of teaching by separated studying subjects

v     September, 1962: A separate Cao Lan campus spin off from this school.  The formal campus now called the Hua Sing Primary School of Keelung City.

v     September, 1965: A Shang Ren campus also developed from this school. The Shang Ren campus has become the Shang Ren Primary School of Keelung City.

v     October, 1966: appointed Mr. LI, Lian-Zhuo李聯灼as the 5th principle of the school.

v     September, 1968: school name was changed again to the Cidu Primary School officially since then.

v     February, 1978: appointed Mr. LU, Xue-Diao盧學釣as the 6th principle of the school.

v     April, 1980: appointed Mr. WANG, Fu-Cai王福才as the 7th principle of the school.

v     February, 1 1987: appointed Ms. ZHANG, Rui-Xiang張瑞祥8th principle of the school.  

   On September, a Cidu Alternative School established within the existing school system.

v     August, 1988: Setup Special Aid classes for Mental Challenge.

v     August, 1995:  Created Home Education/Home schooling classes.

v     February, 1 1998: Ms. ZHANG, Rui-Xiang張瑞祥announced retirement of the principle position; Mr. WANG, Cheng-Gui王承貴took over the position on February, 21 1998 as

   the 9thh Principle of the school.

v     April, 15 1998: Mr. 王承貴 discharged from the school principle responsibilities due to illness.   The Ba-Du Primary School principle Mr. 曾忠平 was acting principle for the school at the time.   During a routine inspection, school’s performing art center was deemed to unsafe.

v     January, 1999: Keelung City Mayor 李進勇visited this school and seeing first hand of the dangerousness of the center potential structure crumbling and school staffs peril working environment; he specifically instructed to rebuild the performing art center and faculty staff offices immediately.  On May, the Sin Yi building construction was completed.  Faculty offices, special subjects classrooms, and library were moving into new building.   The performing art center was reopened again in the new facility.

v     August, 1998: a kindergarten school program created.

v     August, 1999: Mr.林奇佐 took over acting principle responsibility of this school while maintaining his Wu-Du Primary School principle position.   He then initiated the experimental Traditional Chinese Music and Special Education classes.

v     August, 2000: appointed Mr. 王光彥 as the 10th principle of the school.   The pre-school Special Education program launched on August, 2004.  A systematic School campus rebuilding plan was designed and adopted.   Based on the plan, this school will be rebuilt on the existing site with four construction phases.   Some functional classrooms, facilities and equipments had moved in new buildings after Phase I & II completion on June, 2005.

v     August, 2005: Mr. 黃正昆 has been appointed as the 11th principle of the school at present.   Additional classrooms, facilities and equipments have relocated into newly constructed building after Phase III school rebuilding project completed on December, 2007.

The Cidu Primary School has being founded more than seventy two years.  Only first Japanese principle was assigned by occupied Japan military government before island liberated on October, 25 1936; rests of 13 principals are all local well respected educators.  With unselfish sacrifice, extreme diligence, and professionalism from these devoted principals, they have set up the school mottos which established a solid foundation for all students who attend this school to be proud with.  Countless of students graduated from this school had made significant contributions to our society because of the superior education they received and mottos carrying with them forever. 


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